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Creative Deal Maker Academy has been the MOST REQUESTED TRAINING, we have used THIS EXACT SYSTEM to create over 1000 notes with creative financing and we are ready to show you how to do the same!

You will learn how to turn dead leads into profitable deals and “leverage” resources to free up your time to get more deals closed.



  • The Fundamentals

Why creative financing works today, how you can be the bank, and the big deal about amortization vs depreciation. OVER 35 HOURS of content to show you EXACTLY how to become the BEST Dealmaker!


  • Community Coaching

Become a member of our community where we will have active opportunities to collaborate, ask questions, learn, coach and partner up!!

$249/mo or $2490 Yr

  • Extended Office Hours LIVE

Follow along as we review real-life transactions and actual numbers to see how they play out and why this system works for so many people.

WAS $97/mo or $1000 Yr

  • Deal or No Deal

Walk through potential deals using the modeling analysis. Are they winners? Would we do them? If so, HOW would we do them?

WAS $97/mo or $1000 Yr

  • The Trifecta

Get paid three ways! Generate transactional cash now, cash flow over time, and a future lump sum payout.

WAS $297

  • Dispo Training

You will learn wholesale-cash, wholesale-terms, sub2, wrap mortgages, and more! 

WAS $497

  • Deal Analyzer

What if you could go into a deal with a reasonable expectation of what you will get out of it? Use the 'Deal Analyzer' to KNOW WHAT DEALS ARE WORTH DOING!!!  

WAS $1997

  • The Vault

Access the Transaction Tracker Checklist, Decision Map, Modeling Spreadsheet, sample documents and much more.

WAS $199

  • 10 Step Quick Start

Need to get up and running fast? Start with the 10 Step Quick Start Plan!

WAS $199

  • Funding

Leverage! Learn 5 sources of $$ to get your deals off the ground without your own money.  

WAS $497

Discover The OG Dealmakers

Nick Legamaro

“Nick The Note Guy” here! I've been investing in real estate since 2001, I've have bought, fixed, rented, sold, flipped or been a lender on 1000+ properties.I have built companies for profit and recently sold one to a 100-year-old Federally Chartered BANK!

I have been waiting for THIS time in the market when real estate professionals would need to think outside the box in order to grow their businesses.

The Deal Maker Academy is meant to bring you into the inner circle of RE Professionals CRUSHING their competition!

Eric Sage

Hi Eric Sage here!! I've been investing in real estate since 2004. My passion is working with distressed homeowners to find CREATIVE SOLUTIONS.

Over the last 18 months I've been working closely with other investors showing them how to get the cash flowing through creating mortgages for deserving home owners.

This System WORKS!!



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